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DonKen was derived from the names of husband and wife owners DONNA and KENNETH. The menu was designed by Chef Kenneth who loves Filipino and Asian dishes.    

Along the coastline of Gumaca, Quezon, Kenneth as a young boy watched fishermen catch the freshest fish that his Lola would buy.  He observed closely as his Lola showed him how to cook. His mother also introduced him to the intricacies of desserts such as Mommy V’s leche flan and Pineapple Chiffon Cake. He eventually formalized his cooking skills and studied Culinary Arts in CCA here in the Philippines.   

It is because of food that he met his wife, Donna.  He shows his love through the creations that he would prepare especially for her and her family.  The dishes that he made surely won her over.   

Likewise, Donna belongs to a family of food lovers. Growing up, she and her sisters would attend cooking lessons and experiment from different cookbooks.    

Together, Kenneth and Donna explore different local markets and plan their next culinary adventure. They are both curious to find out how food enriches our body, mind, and spirit as well as how food is central to family gatherings and celebrations. Weekends are a reunion and a food fest, revisiting old family recipes or innovating dishes experienced from their travels.

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